Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Week 3

For our third class our group sorted through the core mechanics of the game we chose to create. I was the leader of the day. Our first major change was to add new cards to make the game more in-depth and create a fulfilling player experience, advice that Professor Parks gave us. Cindy came up with the idea to have specific car-based cars, like SUV’s, mini-vans, and sports cars. Sunny bounced off her idea and said that instead of using the car cards as our main supply of cars, they could be special identity cards. We decided to have 3 types of car cards, with two in each category. I thought this would let players compete with one another if they happen to have the same car identities, adding to the player experience. So far, they are minivans, sports cars, and sedans.

Another change we made involved a new game design where the goal is to get to your destination instead of discarding the cards from your hand. We were trying to move our game away from the concept of Uno. To reach your destination, you need to have four cards that are associated with your car identity. So far, we decided on grocery stores, business meetings, and schools as our destinations. I thought we could have a separate pile for using special cards to have an element of choice, but we handled it in a different way. Instead, the main choice a player makes will be collecting your own destination cards or preventing another player from reaching their goal.

During class we also talked about meeting up at least once a week to discuss and add to our game. We want to start making prototypes as soon as possible so that we can play the game between ourselves first and work out the kinks. We figured that spending time outside of class will give us the opportunity to make our game better. We like where our game is headed, and we didn't have any problems deciding anything. Our decisions were made by the group because we agreed on all the new ideas.

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