Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Last week our group seemed to kick-off with a great start. We had two new members that joined our group and 3 games to choose from. Christina, Ashley, and I had games to review but Sunny did not have a game due to him just joining our class he was not informed we needed a game idea already. Christina created a game called "Jungle" that initiated game-play much like Uno except everything was Jungle based. The object of the game was to get rid of all of your cards first to be called the winner. Ashley created a game called Stop and Go which had red, yellow, green, ez-pass, and AAA cards. Each card specifically had its own purpose and the mechanics of the game seemed to fit pretty well. The object of Stop and Go was to get rid of all of your cards before anyone else. My game was called Fitness Fanatic which required two teams to play against each other and by the roll of dice people would have to pick up a certain amount of cards and complete all the exercises on each card within the time of a 2 minute hourglass. We had a nice selection of games and we all agreed that Stop and Go seemed fairly easy to understand for everyone. So we settled on Stop and Go for the next few weeks. Our game seems to be pretty simplistic, however, I am not too sure how much we can add to it? 

Overall our team worked well, to be honest we did not argue get angry with one another. I believe it is because we as a group did not have terribly conflicting views.


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