Monday, September 16, 2013

Last week my groups members and I came to class prepared to share our original cards games. However, our one group member Sunny was new to the class, therefore he didn't have a card game to present to the rest of us. Sunny was the leader of our group for the week, which gave him the responsibility to choose what card game we will continue to work on and perfect for the next few weeks. Although Sunny was the group leader, we all gave our opinions and insights helping him choose what game we would adopt. Cindy and Christina both shared how they liked the theme and mechanics to my game Stop N Go. To my surprise my game was chosen. Walking into class I had no idea that mine would be chosen because I never thought I was creative enough to make a game that could successfully be played.
After the group had chosen my game, I decided to establish the parameters of the game that I wished to stay the same during our development progress. I concluded that the goal of discarding all the five cards must not be changed. I also decided that I wanted the general mechanics of each traffic color card to remain the same. Immediately after I set the parameters, my group and I began brainstorming on new changes to make to the game. We all agreed that another special card should be added to the deck. I came up with the idea of having a detour card which causes every player to pick up a card from the deck. Cindy also came up with the idea of increasing the amount of cards you pick up when the red card is discarded, however we haven't decided on the actual amount. In the upcoming weeks we will continue to brainstorm and communicate our ideas to successfully accomplish my original goal; create a strategic game that friends can play with just enough rules to enjoy themselves and have fun.

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